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Product Description

Solar Heating systems can be categorized into Natural/Thermosiphon and Forced Circulation Systems. Natural Circulation Systems, most commonly used with Solar Collectors and Storage Tanks, employ the Thermosiphon principle. As per customer requirement, we provide stand-alone systems of 150, 200 and 300 litre capacities or a combination of multiple systems that can function together as Central Heaters.

Forced Circulation Systems are commonly used for Industrial and Commercial applications. Solar collectors and storage tanks are split with pumps (and accessories) and the intelligent solar controller that operates the system effectively. The storage capacities of these systems range from 200 litres to 15,000 litres and above. Large capacities are also possible with multiple configuration of the units.


  • Types: Natural/Thermosiphon, Forced Circulation

  • Capacity: 150 to 15,000+ litres

  • Application: Residential to industrial/commercial heating

Things to know

Use natural circulation for residential and forced circulation for industrial/commercial applications.

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