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Product Description

The end suction pumps are mostly used for agriculture irrigation with high flow capacity. They are featured with wide flow range, compact size and easy installation. When knowing the type of irrigation pumps, there are also some key factors to consider before you choose the right one for your system:

· Water source:

What and where is your water source for the irrigation system? You will need to determine the location and depth of the water source, as well as the volume and pressure of the water. This will help you choose a pump that is suitable for your specific water source, i.e.:

For wells, the most commonly used pump is a submersible pump.

But a jet pump is also used in a shallow well no deeper than 8m.

For ponds, lakes or streams, the submersible pump and jet pump are both ok depends on whether you need a vertical

For municipal water systems, a booster pump is helpful to boost the water pressure.

· Irrigation System:

The size and type of your irrigation system will also play a role in choosing the right pump. You will need to consider the size of the field, the type of crops you are growing, and the water requirements of those crops. This will help you choose a pump that is capable of delivering the right amount of water to your irrigation system.

· Maintenance and Repair: 

It is important to consider the maintenance and repair requirements of the pump you choose. Some pumps are easier to maintain and repair than others, and this can be a factor in your decision.

· Cost:

It is important to choose a pump that is within your budget and that will provide a good return on investment over time.

Overall, this article has illustrated main types of water pumps for irrigation and the key factors to consider during buying. With these brief ideas, you will be able to fix a pump range that is suitable for your specific irrigation system and water source. 


  • Feature: Wide flow range, compact size

  • Installation: Easy

  • Application: Agriculture irrigation

  • Considerations: Water source, irrigation system, maintenance, and cost

Things to know

Ideal for agriculture irrigation with a wide flow range, compact design, and easy installation.

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