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Product Description

Experience unmatched cooling performance with Industrial Chillers from MBM,  Setting New standards in chiller excellence . Increased Reliability , System Efficicney , Offer high quality and affordable Industrial Chiller . Capacity ranges from 5 Tr 17.5 Kw to 100 Tr 350 Kw . Available in Air cooled and Water Cooled Models . With in Build in Stainless steel Circulation tank tank  of 200 Ltr to 500 Ltr capacity.


  • Models: Air cooled, Water cooled

  • Capacity: 5 Tr (17.5 kW) to 100 Tr (350 kW)

  • Features: Stainless steel circulation tank (200 to 500 Ltr)

  • Application: Industrial cooling needs

Things to know

Available in air and water-cooled models, featuring built-in stainless steel tanks for reliable cooling.

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