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UPVC Pressure Pipes & Fittings

Product Description

Product Sector: High Pressure uPVC Pipes and Fittings

High pressure uPVC pipes and fittings play a crucial role in various industries due to their versatility and durability. Designed to meet stringent American and European standards, these pipes and fittings are essential for numerous plumbing applications that require high operating pressure, toughness, and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.

Key Applications:

  • Pressurized Water Distribution Networks: Ensures efficient and reliable water supply in both urban and rural areas.

  • Underground Water Distribution and Drainage Networks: Ideal for subterranean installations, providing a robust solution for water and wastewater management.

  • Drainage Installations Between Manholes: Facilitates effective drainage, reducing the risk of flooding and waterlogging.

  • Irrigation Networks: Supports agricultural operations by delivering water efficiently to fields and crops.

  • Industrial Fluid Transport: Capable of handling a wide range of fluids, including chemicals and corrosive substances, making them suitable for various industrial processes.


Cosmoplast High Pressure uPVC pipes & fittings are widely used in:

  • Pressurized water distribution networks.

  • Underground water distribution networks.

  • Underground drainage networks.

  • Drainage Installations between manholes.

  • Irrigation networks.

  • Transport of wide range of fluids in the industry.

UPVC high pressure pipes and fittings satisfy the increasing demand for American and European standard pipes and fittings for Plumbing applications that demand high operating pressure, high levels of toughness, chemical and resistance along with cost effective installations.

High Pressure uPVC pipes and fittings are widely used in:

  • Distribution of cold water under pressure.

  • Air conditioning Drain Systems.

  • Piping networks for swimming pools facilities & rainwater utilization.

  • Cold fluids circulation in industries.

  • Transport of chemicals and corrosive fluids in industries.

Things to know

Meet American and European standards for high-pressure plumbing applications.

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