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Product Description

The PVC pipes are used in both commercial and residential sectors. The application of the PVC pipes includes their use in plumbing, sewage and drainage systems, drinking water distribution, irrigation systems, chemical handling, fume, exhaust and ventilation ducts, and recreation purposes. A PVC pipe fitting is a detachable piece of pipe that connects two pipes or tubing. Fittings apply to mechanical and plumbing operations.


  • Material Composition: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • Pressure Ratings: Available in various pressure classes to suit different applications

  • Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures up to 60°C (140°F)

  • Chemical Resistance: Resistant to a wide range of chemicals and corrosive substances

  • Durability: High impact resistance and long service life

  • Size Range: Available in diameters from 1/2 inch to 24 inches

  • Joint Types: Solvent cement joints, rubber ring joints, threaded fittings

  • Standards Compliance: Conforms to ASTM, ISO, and other international standards

  • Colour Options: Typically available in white, grey, and other colours upon request

Things to know

Versatile and compliant with international standards for residential, industrial, and commercial applications.

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