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Product Description


PEX pipes are manufactured to the German DIN standards from cross-linked high –density polyethylene material. PEX pipes are used for long term applications in extreme levels of cold and hot fluid transmission.

These pipes require few directional fittings due to its high flexibility and strength. PEX pipes can be used for application ranging from sub zero temperature upto 200 degree Fahrenheit. Some of the applications of PEX pipes include:

  • Hot & Cold water distribution.Industrial Applications

  • Compressed air distribution networks.

  • Radiators and under –flooring heating systems

  • Transportation of chemicals in the industry


  • Material Composition: Cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-X)

  • Standards Compliance: Manufactured according to German DIN standards

  • Temperature Range: Suitable for temperatures from sub-zero up to 200°F (approx. -20°C to 93°C)

  • Pressure Ratings: Available in various pressure classes to suit different applications

  • Flexibility: High flexibility reduces the need for directional fittings

  • Colour Options: Typically available in red, blue, and natural colours for easy identification of hot and cold water lines

  • Diameter Range: Available in diameters from 1/4 inch to 2 inches (custom sizes available upon request)

  • Joining Methods: Compatible with compression fittings, push-fit fittings, and crimp rings

  • UV Resistance: Enhanced UV resistance for outdoor installations

  • Chemical Resistance: Excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals

Things to know

Flexible, durable, and temperature-resistant, suitable for various plumbing and industrial applications.

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